Čachtice viticulture logo concept designed by Marathon studioČachtice viticulture logo concept designed by Marathon studio

Viticulture Čachtice has a strong historical tradition bound with the legendary castle in the vicinity of vineyards. In the context of upgrading their production we felt obliged to emphasize this fact and incorporate it into their visual interpretation. The logo consists of coat of arms with a letter Č and a hidden wine glass. 

Apart from the logo there is also a distinctive face of this identity providing information about wine and the viticulture, advice, tips and good humour. This info-graphic design loosely covers all the products, properties, chattels of the viticulture and is directly linked with it. The most distinctively is this principle applied to the bottle which is most important subject of viticulture.

This project was cooperated with Aneta Sailerová and Tomáš Bukáček