UP! is a coaching company with charismatic Luca Grasso being the face behind it. Making identity for a private business owner more than anything else means a close side by side development. 

If you want to pass too much, you may not pass anything. Lift up the really important and get rid of the unnecessary. The greatest deal on this project was to refine the content and create the best possible information structure. We began with multiple pages with loads of materials and ended up having a short summary homepage with only three menu items. We strategically dosed the information. The key is to firstly attract the visitor and then navigate him / her to the content which follows next. 

Content first. A distinct approach of minimalistic presentation free of esoteric illustrations and enthusiastic people jumping around the sun rays was applied for UP! coaching to stand out. A favourable typeface and paper texture used throughout the UP! website underlines Luca’s human attitude.

To promote UP! coaching and attract visitors to the website Luca writes a blog with relevant content and regularly posts it on social media.

Website coding by Jan Bartůňěk