Lectures, work, openings, parties etc. This is the fourth year of the international Week of Graphic Design TOP. 

Workshops dedicated to creating of typefaces, posters and illustrations. The aim of this busy week is to get to know new people, share experience, learn something new and have fun.


We were invited to join the TOP core team taking in charge the visual conception of the event.

How to make workshop more pleasant and support connection among participants? How to refresh and stimulate concentrated mind? How to stretch stiff muscles and relax your back?  

The answer is SPORT.

We built up several special playgrounds. A track for sack race, basketball, table tennis, darts, skipping rope etc. The major theme of the visuals “4:0” as wordplay.

It can be said that the idea of sport activity was met with great success and surpassed our expectation. The proof of it is numerous happy, young designers’ faces on facebook/topworkshop.


On this project we cooperated with Aneta Bendáková, Michaela Klihavcová and Aneta Sailerová. Photography by Jiří Dvořák