Slide is the first festival with an inflatable slide in Czechia. Sun, water, summer, party, friends…

Energetic combination of sharp yellow and blue colours well communicates well with the unrestrained atmosphere. 

The wavy letter “i” in the middle of the word “slide” is a subtle touch to the original typeface while maintaining its perfect readability and bringing a great dose of identity. The slightly curved “i” with the circular dot is a funky and playful feature based on a movement of a slide rider.


Mitch Buchannon from the famous 90s Baywatch took it easy and swapped his rescue float with an inflatable crocodile and so he became an ideal Slide festival mascot providing appropriate hyperbole and humour.


The campaign of the pilot Slide festival in the Prague city was boosted by animations of sliding riders on an abstract slide motive supplemented by symbols evoking festival atmosphere.

Video credits go to Landscape Productions.