Semicircle, geometric exploration

Semicircle rotated around two axes represented in four different media.
graphic scheme — physical object — rotation in time — sound


The graphic scheme is laid out in a logic grid. There is 360° rotation divided into 8 phases in the vertical columns. Horizontal rows represent various 2D forms of the examined object. 

The object is a 3D physical representation of one chosen rotation state of the semicircle. It depicts 45° angle.

The motion graphic is the semicircle’s rotation around its two axes in time. It creates 3D illusion of a fluid object. Frontal and top view in wireframe shows the same object and rotation. The only difference which creates completely different visual is the point of view. 

The sound is Shepard’s infinite ascending loop. The scale has been fitted into one 360° rotation of the semicircle. Special thanks to sound artist Martin Marek.