LIV logo by Marathon studioLIV logo by Marathon studio

LIV represents the furniture of clean Nordic style, which has a positive contribution to the body and spirit. Behind the brand stands the designer Linda Vrňáková. LIV is the derivation of her name. It is easily pronounced in Czech where she comes from as well as abroad, so the brand is ready for expansion. Free association to "live" is not a coincidence but a sophisticated feature of these products that make life more enjoyable to its users.


Logo as a symbol of the beginning

The logo is a composition of the letters LIV, which also creates a pencil shape. Pencil for Linda Vrňáková represents the beginning of each new product in the form of original sketches and symbolises the originality of her work.


Brand as a currier of the values

LIV creates products where she naturally conveys their own characteristic philosophy. We made sure that the print matter which presents the brand reflects these values as well. The author of the photography is Petr Vyšohlíd.

“I like simplicity, purity, minimal form but maximum use. I think economically and practically. I know that what looks simply is rather complex and demanding to produce. I thank to Marathon for these values and the timeless design, to which I haven’t lost attraction after several years of use, on the contrary, I still enjoy it.”